Transition started as an exploration of a new educational alternative for our son Ty. Robert Churchwell Museum Magnet Elementary School had just announced open enrollment for the upcoming school year, and the new curriculum for artistic learning. As we became more involved in the activities of the school, the idea of developing our experience into a thesis project emerged.

            After receiving permission to photograph inside the school, I turned my lens toward the students that made up the diverse learning environment that is the Robert Churchwell School. As I began photographing the students, I placed two stipulations on the images I would create. First, I would not make an image that showed a student misbehaving or acting in such a way that was detrimental to the learning environment. Second, I would shoot from a perspective that empowered the students, by using a camera angle that placed the viewer at eye level with the children. This will allow adults to see from the children’s perspective.

            The titles for the images are Hope, Diversity, Courage, Future, Pride, Energy, Confidence, and Strength. These title may seem simplistic in the arena of fine art, but when place in an elementary school setting, they are easily understood by the children this work was created for.

            I have donated the final images for the project to Robert Churchwell Museum Magnet Elementary School to be part of their permanent collection. Here they will be seen by students for years to come and act as an inspiration as they transition throughout their own academic journey.       









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